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Located in the heart of London and fashioned as a premium airport lounge, the Amari showroom allows you to experience the combination of style and substance with the deluxe applications of our many products. As an environment known for its heavy footfall, an airport lounge is designed to be resistant and hard-wearing but with a first-class look and feel. The Amari showroom is the ideal setting to demonstrate the durability of our market-leading brands, as the varied applications allow you to envision how our materials can be used.

Amari Interiors Showroom.
Studio 303, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH

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Amari Interiors ensure guests are never left in the dark with the dust and weather-resistant Oshino B-LED lighting which never compromises the Receptions brightness. We’ve also used the very best of our materials such as Kerrock® and EX-CEL Integral Foam PVC for our Reception applications to demonstrate the beautiful yet durable finishes our materials offer.


From propping yourself up at the deluxe Kerrock® bar, to getting a good night’s sleep in our bedroom, we offer materials with unique characteristics that can be used in a variety of applications. With our Amari Air Lounge signage crafted from custom colour Madreperla Acrylic, you’re sure to find your way to your destination.


Amari Interiors believe that our business pod needs to look the part in order for business to be performed efficiently. EX-CEL Intergral Foam is the perfect lightweight, rigid extruded sheet to be used for the walls as it is suitable for a variety of printing, photo mounting, embossing and engraving methods to enable the creation of stunning visual displays.


The welcoming façade of the Amari Air Lounge bar allows guests to truly relax over a glass of their favourite beverage. From the complementary Kerrock® tables and chairs, to furnishings such as shelving and cabinets made with Green Cast materials, Amari Interiors set the bar with our high-impact resistant and vibrant finishes.


The sleek combination of Makrolon DX and Oshino B-LED for our ceiling surface and lighting creates a fantastic atmosphere with high but uniform brightness in a delight of colourful luminaries. With a resistance to shattering, scratching and tearing, Boltaron demonstrates its ability to be applied to flat and curved surfaces or formed into creative 3D designs when used for the bedrooms desk, table and bed furnishings.


As an antibacterial, non-porous surface that resists stains and creates an abundance of creative possibilities for many applications, our bespoke Kerrock® material was the only choice to make for the Amari Air Lounge vanity and shower units. Plus with Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss, you can guarantee perfectly clear and hard-wearing splashback applications. A luxury yet resistant bathroom all round.
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